Business or Marketing Analytics

We help your product find its niche in the market

Application market research

Before launching your mobile application on some region, you need to make market research for start good "soft launch"
Competitor research
Before soft launching, you need to know the weaknesses of your competitors.

  • Competitor research
  • Application analysis
  • Landing and marketplace page analysis
  • Provide a comparative report with the results of research
  • We determine the strengths and weaknesses of your application and selected competitors


We are careful about the execution of our work on time
First start
  • Exploring your application
  • Preparing technical task and commercial offer
  • Determining the due date of the task
2 working day. This service provided when getting to know the customer's product.
ASO in Marketplace
  • Searching of keywords and creating semantic core
  • Copywriting of selling SEO texts and titles
  • Declaring content for target market category
  • Drawing icons
  • Video tutorials
2-3 working days.
Full Competitor research
  • We search and analyze competitors of your application (7-10 applications)
  • Application and pages analysis
  • Character portraits
  • We provide a comparative report on the results of research
  • We determine the strengths and weaknesses of your application and selected competitors
The term of execution is 10 working days.

You don't even know the capabilities of your application!

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How we Works

Seven steps to success
The first acquaintance is the most important!
This can be done both through e-mail and also through the Zoom.

  • The customer demonstrates it's product and tells what is about
  • If available, customer shows favorite competitors applications
Exploring customer's information
  • We are closely exploring the customer product
  • Quick investigate competitors
  • Determining the final dates of the task
  • Preparing technical task and commercial offer
Commercial offer
We prepare a commercial proposal in accordance with the requirements stated at the initial briefing and based on the results of the investigation of the Customer's application.
Invoicing and payment
We issue an invoice for 50% prepayment and then start work.
Hard work
We carry out our duties and are in constant contact with the customer
  • We demonstrate result of the work
  • Make an invoice for the remaining 50% of the payment
We transfer the result materials (report, images, text) to the customer
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