Video Tutorials

We produce video instructions that allows the user to quickly understand your product

Tutorial is the short way to a satisfied user

Our videos are based on the principles of neuromarketing and help the user to be engaged
How-to videos example
Example how to import finances to application
Short video clips required to demonstrate the application's capabilities

  • About 2 minutes
  • Rhythmic music
  • No voice / with voice

Prices for video producing

We are careful about the execution of our work on time
First start
  • Exploring your application or product
  • Preparing technical task and commercial offer
  • Preparing scenario
  • Determining the due date of the task
About 3 working day. This service is necessary for getting acquainted with your application or product.
Make video
€170 / minute
  • Video recording of work with the application, according to the customer's scenario
  • Including additional effects that accentuate the viewer's attention
Warning! 2 minutes of video is equal to 1 working day.
Adding images
€3 / image
Adding images of the customer, including scripted effects
Include cursor / finger movement
€50 / minute
Add a series of finger push (or muse click) and movement animations to your video
Include background
€7 / clip
Add a non-distracting animated (or static) background to your video
Adding animated subtitles
€3 / subtitle
  • Adding animated intros with subtitles on the video scene.
Only one language is included in the price.
Adding music to movie
€7 / clip
  • Searching royalty free music for videos
One working day. Music will be selected according to the wishes of the customer and the specifics and target group of your product

How we Works

Seven steps to success
The first acquaintance is the most important!
This can be done both through e-mail and also through the Zoom.

The customer should describes in detail:
  • What the video should be about
  • Preferred view of content or provide your own set
  • Preferred color scheme
  • If available, showcase your competitors' favorite videos
Make scenario
  • We are closely exploring the customer product
  • Investigate competitor videos/products
  • Determining the final dates of the task
  • Preparing technical task and commercial offer
Commercial offer
We prepare a package of documents, which we send to the customer for consideration.
The work will be carried out in accordance with the transferred terms of reference.
Invoicing and payment
We issue an invoice for 50% prepayment and then start work.
Making video
We develop a prototype of a video clip taking into account the agreed technical specifications and the wishes of the customer
  • We demonstrate result of the work
  • Make an invoice for the remaining 50% of the payment
We transfer the result video in HQ to the customer
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